Startup Institute: Launch Your Career Into the Innovation Economy

Skills Fund is proud to welcome our newest bootcamp partner, NYC and Boston-based Startup Institute!

Startup Institute’s program provides people with the skills, mindset, and network to find a job they love, doing work that matters.

Their program helps people build the technical skills, culture skills, and network that will launch them into the innovation industry in the areas of web development, web design, digital marketing, or sales and account management.

Uniquely positioned at the center of tech ecosystems in Boston and New York, Startup Institute is designed to open new doors for students. In addition to expert training in the most in-demand skills, they also offer personalized career mentorship and connections to the people and companies that advance students’ careers.

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Startup Institute is a program to launch your career into the innovation economy:

Full-time Program features preparatory skills support, an in-class immersive experience, and two months of dedicated career coaching post-graduation.

Focused on more than just technical skills, addressing the entirety of what makes individuals successful. Reference: Program Guide.

Curriculum is designed to cultivate the qualities that take an individual from good to great. These qualities include: developing a growth mindset, excellence at cross-disciplinary collaboration, and cultivating a powerful network.

Outcomes: Startup graduates are in control of their career paths and love the work they do. Reference:Outcomes Report.

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