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Partner Spotlight: Project Shift

Founded in 2018 in Durham, North Carolina, Project Shift offers a 12-week Fullstack Immersive Software Engineering course. The course is offered four times a year, and the cohorts boast a 1:5 student-instructor ratio. Project Shift matches each student with an individual, experienced mentor who is a local software engineer. Throughout the course, students benefit from networking events, guest lecturers, and hands-on career training. At the end of the three-month program, Project Shift students are geared up to land a career in software engineering.

What will I learn?

Pre-course: Day 1 at Project Shift begins with intermediate/advanced programming concepts. You'll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript fundamentals, Git/Github, the Command Line and other tools. While in the pre-work stage, accepted students are offered a weekly time to gather with instructors and get pre-work help.

Week 1: Programming Foundations

Week 2: The Web and Networks

Week 3: Design Patterns

Week 4: MV and Node.js

Week 5: Databases and DB Theory

Week 6: React and Redux

Mid-term Hackathon: At this point in the course you'll already be able to build full-stack web applications. You'll partner up with one or two others in your cohort and spend the weekend hacking away your most robust software project to date!

Week 7: Server Side Design

Week 8: Operations Strategies

Week 9: Complexity and Algorithm Design

Week 10: Software Development Workflows

Week 11: Mentor-Guided Projects

Hackathon 2: This hackathon will be the start of your capstone project and will springboard you into an MVC.

Week 12: Capstone Projects and Electives: Though you have many repos in your github, you'll have an entire week+ to build one final, tested, deployed beautiful piece of software that you'll show the world.

Demo Night: Project Shift will invite the who's who of the RDU tech scene to come watch you pitch your final projects while you network with potential employers over drinks.

Career Assistant: From here on out, you're a part of the Project Shift Alumni Network, where you'll be provided career assistance after graduation.


Skills Fund is proud to partner with Project Shift to offer fixed-rate financing for their immersive bootcamp. Students may borrow from $2,000 up to $9,900 for tuition. While in program and for a two month grace period, students will make low, interest-only payments. Afterwards, full repayment (interest + principal) will begin.

To learn more about Project Shift's bootcamp and curriculum, visit their website.

To learn more about Project Shift & Skills Fund's partnership, visit our partnership website.