New Partner Spotlight: Codesmith

Skills Fund is excited to introduce Codesmith as our newest partner bootcamp!

Codesmith strongly believes in combining immersive independent learning and mentorship to develop exceptional software engineers. For Codesmith, a model software engineer is “technically brilliant, an incredible collaborator, passionate about building, and supportive of community.”

The curriculum at Codesmith is primarily project-based, and instructors use pair programming to create a unique environment of “guided problem solving.” This allows students to learn quickly and build projects that go deeper into core concepts.

The Codesmith program is based in Los Angeles and spans 12 weeks. The course covers Computer Science, Full-Stack Javascript (notably React and Node) and Software Architecture.

Learn more about Codesmith here, and start funding your education here.

Codesmith At A Glance:

Locations: Los Angeles

Length of Program: 12 weeks

Typical Cohort Size: 20 students

Skills Taught: Computer Science, Core Programming Concepts, Fullstack Web Development using React and Node