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New Partner Alert: DevPoint Labs

Salt Lake City-based DevPoint Labs offers a full- and part-time course on Web Development, as well as part-time UX Design and Data Analytics courses. Since it's inception in 2013, the school has stayed true to their mission of delivering a world-class experience while teaching the latest technologies. Everything they do is students first, and they strive to improve the lives of their graduates as well as enhance the surrounding technology community.

In DevPoint Lab's U of U ProEd Web Development course, students learn the fundamentals of web development over a span of 11 weeks. Students of all skills levels can jump into the program and come out as a junior-level web developer.

In the part-time Web Development course, the curriculum focuses on JavaScript applications using ReactJS and NodeJS.

In DevPoint Lab's part-time UX Design course, students learn through a mixture of lectures, presentations, follow alongs, hands-on exercises, pair programming, and group projects.

DevPoint Lab's part-time Data Analytics course equipts students with Big Data skills like data visualization and predictive analysis.

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Skills Fund: the Ben to your Jerry.

True to our mission of providing as many students as possible with access to a high-quality skills training, we've teamed up with DevPoint Labs to offer tuition financing for their full- and part- time programs. Students may finance between $2,000 up to their program tuition max. DevPoint Labs loans for the full-time program are interest-only, meaning that students make interest-only payments while in the program and for two months following graduation. DevPoint Labs loans for the part-time programs are immediate repayment. Students make full payments (interest + principal) one month after the program starts.