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Skills Fund Partner Spotlight: DaVinci Coders

DaVinci Coders was founded by DaVinci Institute, a 501(c) non-profit, education based, futurist think-tank that has spent the last 17 years innovating in the education space. DaVinci Coders noticed that technology was progressing so quickly that traditional four-year colleges couldn’t meet the demand of the growing workforce. They also saw that students who went the traditional higher-ed route had outdated skill sets by the time they graduated.

DaVinci’s developer training program is a full-immersion program with intimate class sizes of like-minded people and focused on beginning level students. All of their courses are taught by senior level developers who have real world coding experience with the technologies they teach.

DaVinci Coders gives students the necessary tools to work with a team and demonstrate skills, like building Github portfolios, practicing for mock job interviews, and simulating workplace programming environments.

Their class sizes never exceed 14 students, so students build excellent relationships with mentors and become a part of a tight-knit community of students and developers upon graduation.

You can learn more about DaVinci Coders here, and start funding your education here.

DaVinci Coders at a glance;

  • Location: Westminster, Colorado

  • Length of program: 16 weeks

  • Typical cohort size: 14 students

  • Skills Taught: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Python, Video Game Development