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Looking for a hands-on mobile development education? TurnToTech is a mobile-only coding school that offers an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for each of their students. They recently created an infographic that contains some quick facts about their organization - take a look below!

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This question gets asked all the time, but let's be honest: there's no right answer. There is no "best" language to learn when it comes to programming because all programmers should have experience in more than one language so they can pick and choose what works best in what scenario. Languages often coexist and work together, and you'll find yourself needing to learn one in order to use the other.

The easiest way to answer this question is to first decide what you want to build, and what framework you want to build them in. Let's get started.

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Skills Fund is committed to providing our partners with useful information about our lending programs. We've decided to provide our community with a collection of resources that will help bridge the gaps and eliminate complications.

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Skills Fund is excited to welcome our newest partner, GrowthX Academy!

GrowthX Academy offers immersive in-person programs on Sales & Business Development, Growth Marketing, and UX Design. Each course is offered as both a 12-week Full-Time Immersive Daytime Program and a 20-week Part-Time Nights & Weekends Program. The courses are taught onsite at the Galvanize campus in San Francisco, California.

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The productivity of humanity has shifted into high-gear. Everything we do is accelerated, expeditious, and can change at a moment's notice. This change is directly noticeable in the tech industry, where new designs and new intelligent products are emerging into the marketplace. As a response, new programming initiatives and languages have come into play, and people need a fast and effective way of learning those skills.

Enter the innovative bootcamp model. Rather than spending four years in a traditional educational setting, bootcamps and accelerated learning programs give you the knowledge you need at a faster pace. Programs are available to teach you so many skills: from broad, all-encompassing concepts (Growth Marketing), all the way down to specific languages (Full Stack Python).

If you put in the dedication, you'll succeed, but you shouldn't be blind to the amount of work that a bootcamp is accompanied by. It's not easy. Bootcamps are designed to teach you multiple years' worth of skills in a matter of months. It takes a certain mindset and level of commitment to...

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Skills Fund is excited to welcome our newest bootcamp partner, Eleven Fifty Academy!

Eleven Fifty Academy offers in-person courses on JavaScript, Java and .NET. Each course is 12 weeks in duration. All students begin with the same three-week Foundation course and then branch off into language-specific immersion courses.

Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit organization based in Carmel, Indiana, in a 30,000-sq. ft. property owned by entrepreneur and inventor Scott A. Jones. Off-site seminars are hosted in beautiful spaces such as theaters and co-working spaces. The typical cohort size is 15 students.


Skills Fund is unlike any other student financing platform due to our driving mission: We believe in positive Return on Education (RoE), so we don't finance students to attend crappy bootcamps. The value of a partnership with Skills Fund is fueled by a number of factors.


When a coding school advertises a job placement rate of 65% or 80% or 95%, what does that mean? Does that number include every student who graduated? Is it only students hired in full-time coding jobs for which they went to school, or does it include part-time gigs and full-time waiter positions?

Having examined the quality of nearly 200 bootcamps in our quest to ensure we don’t finance students to attend crappy programs, Skills Fund has seen nearly every permutation on outcomes reporting. While there have been a few (very few, thankfully) reported instances of deceptive practices, many schools have sought to be transparent by publishing their own outcomes reports.

The problem with the coding industry’s transparency push is that yes, the various methodologies are transparent in being documented, but they are also complicated, rely on footnotes for disclosure, and make apples-to-apples comparisons among schools virtually impossible.

But today, that model changes.

Leading bootcamps...

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DaVinci Coders was founded by DaVinci Institute, a 501(c) non-profit, education based, futurist think-tank that has spent the last 17 years innovating in the education space. DaVinci Coders noticed that technology was progressing so quickly that traditional four-year colleges couldn’t meet the demand of the growing workforce. They also saw that students who went the traditional higher-ed route had outdated skill sets by the time they graduated.

Their class sizes never exceed 14 students, so students build excellent relationships with mentors and become a part of a tight-knit community of students and developers upon graduation.

You can learn more about DaVinci Coders here, and start funding your education here.

DaVinci Coders at a glance;

  • Location: Westminster, Colorado

  • Length of program: 16 weeks

  • Typical cohort size: 14 students

  • Skills Taught: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Python, Video Game Development

Hack Reactor was founded in 2012 by brothers Marcus and Tony Phillips to provide students a life-altering educational experience with an outcomes-focused approach. In addition to the original San Fransisco-based Hack Reactor campus, they have now unified their network of schools, including Telegraph Academy and MakerSquare, all under the prestigious Hack Reactor brand.

Recognizing the shared values, curriculum and quality throughout every location and program in the network, the schools will now be rebranded as Hack Reactor Austin, Hack Reactor Los Angeles, Hack Reactor San Francisco, Hack Reactor New York City, and Hack Reactor Remote - all of which Skills Fund has performed due diligence on and will finance student's educational journey.

The Hack Reactor Software Engineering program is focused on building autonomous, fully capable software engineers. By the end of the program, you will be an autonomous engineer, capable of tackling unique, unfamiliar problems and building complex applications.

Telegraph Academy’s curriculum has been integrated into Hack...